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'''Bad Hönningen''' is a municipality in the [[Neuwied (district)|district of Neuwied]], in [[Rhineland-Palatinate]], [[Germany]]. It is situated on the right bank of the [[Rhine]], approx. 15  km (10 mi) northwest of [[Neuwied]], and 30  km (20 mi) southeast of [[Bonn]].
Bad Hönningen is the seat of the ''[[Verbandsgemeinde]]'' ("collective municipality") [[Bad Hönningen (Verbandsgemeinde)|Bad Hönningen]].
Governing mayor of the town is Guido Job ([[SPD]]).
== History ==
Because of this the town is legitimated to have the titel "Bad" since 1950.
On July 12th12 in 1969 it got the grant privileges of a town.
== Castle ==
In 1848 it was changed by its new owner "Ludolf Friedrich von Westerholt" into a neo-gothic castle.
== Partner Town ==
* ''Saint Pierre lès Nemours'' ([[France]]) since 1980.
== Sights ==
* The [[limes]] began near the city limit of Bad Hönningen. Today there is a museum called "Limes Center".
On July 15th15 2005 the [[UNESCO]] made this area a [[World Heritage Site]].
* The ''Schlossberg'' of Bad Hönningen is the biggest vineyard in [[Middle Rhine]] (9 hectare).
== Tourism ==
The town also organizes a lot of events such as funfair and several festivals.
== Links ==
* [ Wikipedia Germany article] (contains a few pictures)
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== Links ==
[ Wikipedia Germany article] (contains a few pictures)
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