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In 1771, he taught in two colleges of Brunswick then he became professor of [[philosophy]] of the university of [[Helmstadt]]. In 1790, he taught mathematics and natural science at the military academy of [[Braunschweig]].
He exerted a great influence on his pupils. He was the tutor and the father-in-law of the German entomologist [[Johann IlligerKarl Wilhelm Illiger]] (1775-1813), who became director of the zoological garden of [[Berlin]], of the mineralogist [[Gottlieb Peter Sillem]] (who succeeded him at the school of Braunschweig ) and the count [[Johann Centurius von Hoffmannsegg]] (1766-1849).
His work in the taxonomy of the insects in collaboration with Illiger and Hoffmannsegg is famous and was the entomological origin of the collections of the [[Humboldt Museum|University of Berlin]].
He was also the inventor of “Kriegsspiel” (literally play of war), an alternative to a set of [military] failures which had much success in its time.