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[[Image:Hermann Bonitz.JPG|thumb|right|Hermann Bonitz]]
'''Hermann Bonitz''' ([[29 July]] [[1814]] - [[25 July]] [[1888]]), [[Germany|German]] [[scholar]], was born at [[Langensalza]] in [[Prussian Saxony]].
Having studied at [[Leipzig]] under [[Johann Gottfried Jakob Hermann|G Hermann]] and at [[Berlin]] under [[Philipp August Böckh|Böckh]] and [[Karl Konrad Friedrich Wilhelm Lachmann|Lachmann]], he became successively teacher at the [[Blochmann-Institut]] in [[Dresden]] (1836), Oberlehrer at the [[Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium]] (1838) and the [[Graues Kloster]] (1840) in Berlin, professor at the gymnasium at [[Szczecin|Stettin (Szczecin)]] (1842), professor at the [[University of Vienna]] (1849), member of the [[imperial academy]] (1854), member of the council of education (1864), and director of the Graues-Kloster-Gymnasium (1867). He retired in 1888, and died in that year at Berlin.
*''Über den Ursprung der homerischen Gedichte'' (5th ed., 188,)
*''Beiträge zur Erklärung des Thukydides'' (1854), ''des Sophokles'' (1856-1857)
He also wrote largely on classical and educational subjects, mainly for the ''[[Zeitschrift furfür die osterreichischenösterreichischen Gymnasien]]''.
A full list of his writings is given in the obituary notice by [[Theodor Gomperz]] in the ''Biographisches Jahrbuch fr Altertumskunde'' (1890).