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*De Chelly Sandstone (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)
There is no desigateddesignated [[Type locality (geology)|type locality]] for the Cutler.It was named by Cross and Howe in 1905 after Cutler Creek, which enters [[Uncompahgre River]] about 4 miles north of [[Ouray, Colorado]]. Baker and Reeside revised Cross and Howe's work in 1929 by dividing the formation into the Halgaito Tongue (base), Cedar Mesa Sandstone Member, Organ Rock Tongue, and White Rim Sandstone Member. Cutler's geographic extent was established by Wood and Northrop in 1946. In 1958 Wengerd and Matheny raised the formation to [[group (geology)|group]] rank, but [[as of 2005]] the USGS does not recognize the suggested change.
Cutler outcrops are found in these geologic locations: