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'''Große Kreisstadt''' ([[German language|German]] for ''major district town'') is a designationterm forin townsthe inGerman [[Germany]]municipal withlaw. In some greaterGerman significancefederal despitestates itsthe ratherterm smallis sizeused as measureda byspecial [[population]].legal Itstatus isfor useddistrict-affiliated forcities [[town]]sor whichtowns arewith administrationadditional centerscompetences in theircomparison area.with Theseother districtmunicipalities or towns mostlyof havethe arounddistrict. 40,000The inhabitants,title inis [[Baden-Württemberg]]based onlyon 20,000souvereign conferment.
== Große Kreisstädte in the German States ==
=== Baden-Württemberg ===
necessary population for the status: 20,000
=== Bavaria ===
30,000 inhabitants necessary
=== Saxony ===
20,000 inhabitants necessary
==Administration rules==