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|Wappen = Wappen Seewald.png
|lat_deg = 48 |lat_min = 35 |lat_sec = 38
|lon_deg = 088 |lon_min = 25 |lon_sec = 15
|Lageplan =
|Bundesland = Baden-Württemberg
|Bürgermeister = Ernst Schebetka
'''Seewald''' is a placemuniciaplity in the [[Freudenstadt (district,)|Freudenstadt]] district in [[Baden-Württemberg,]] in southern [[Germany]]. It lies in the [[Black Forest]] area.
In Erzgrube, it has a dam over the [[Nagold]] and has a lake named Nagoldsee. It lies 550 m above sea level. Other subdivisions lie between 750 and 850 m above sea level in the midst of the forests. 90% of the area is covered with forests.
Seewald is a bastion of the [[Party of Bible-abiding Christians]] (PBC), who, in the last election, received 5,0% of the vote in Seewald compared to 0,2 % nationally.
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