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Formation of a dihydrogen bond is assumed to precede formation of H<sub>2</sub> from the reaction of a hydride and a protic acid. A very short dihydrogen bond is observed in NaBH<sub>4</sub><sup>'''.'''</sup>2H<sub>2</sub>O with H---H contacts of 1.79, 1.86, and 1.94 Å. <ref>Custelcean, R.; Jackson, J. E. "Dihydrogen Bonding: Structures, Energetics, and Dynamics" Chemical Reviews 2001, volume 101, page 1963-1980.</ref>
This kind of H---H interaction is distinct from the H---H bonding interaction in [[transition metal]] complexes having dihydrogen bound to a metal.<ref>Kubas, G. J., "Metal Dihydrogen and &sigma;-Bond Complexes", Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers: New York, 2001.</ref> Another so-called [[hydrogen hydrogen bond]] is postulated to existsexist in certain compounds between two neutral non-bonding hydrogen atoms.
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