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'''Große Kreisstadt''' ([[German language|German]] for ''major district town'') is a designation for towns in [[Germany]] with some greater significance despite its rather small size as measured by [[population]]. It is used for [[town]]s which are administration centers in their area. These district towns mostly have around 40,000 inhabitants, in [[Baden-Wurttemberg]] only 20,000.
==Administration rules==
The term is officially used and quoted. In different German federal states there are different laws and administration rules about when exactly a town can become a "Große Kreisstadt" but they do not differ very much. In some German states other terms are used, for example "Große selbständige Stadt". At the moment reforms are discussed in some states. It is not a main goal of these reforms to make the rules more similar, in opposite, the district towns are thought to be important to keep the existing diversity of regions. In Germany federal states have very similar administration rules, so the states (Bundesland) are not always comparable to US states for example.
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