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{{MedalGold|[[2002 Winter Olympics|2002 Salt Lake City]]|[[Bobsleigh at the 2002 Winter Olympics|Four-man]]}}
{{MedalSilver|[[FIBT World Championships 2004|2004 Königssee]]|Four-man}}
'''Enrico Kühn''' (born [[March 10]] [[1977]]) is a [[Germany|German]] bobsledder who competed infrom the1995 lateto 1990s and early 2000s2004. At the [[2002 Winter Olympics]] in [[Salt Lake City]], he won a gold medal in the four-man event with teammates [[Kevin Kuske]], [[André Lange]] and [[Carsten Embach]].
Kühn also won a silver medal in the four-man event at the [[FIBT World Championships 2004|2004 FIBT World Championships]] in [[Schönau am Königsee|Königssee]].
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