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'''Tikhon Alexandrovich Rabotnov''', Тихон Александрович Работнов ([[July 6]], [[1904]] – [[September 16]], [[2000]]) was a [[RussianRussia]]n plant [[ecologist]]. He was professor and head of the Department of Geobotany at [[Moscow State University]] until 1981. He was a father figure to generations of Russian plant ecologists. He conducted ground breaking studies in the regeneration of natural plant communities – studies which remained largely overlooked in the West.
He was born in [[Yaroslavl']] and graduated from the Agronomy Department of the University of Yaroslavl' in 1924, he obtained his PhD in 1936 and a ’habilitation’ for a professorship in 1950. He worked at the State Institute of Grassland Research for more than 40 years, while lecturing plant ecology at [[Moscow State University]].