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→‎Exilation: is not a word
(→‎Exilation: is not a word)
The [[counts of Aquino]] rose in rebellion and attacked [[Soria]], defended by Richard's uncle, [[Jonathan, Count of Carinola]].
== ExilationExile ==
Richard was an exile for the next seven years (during which a [[Lombards|Lombard]] named [[Lando IV of Capua|Lando IV]] reigned) until, upon reaching his majority, he requested the aid of his great uncle, the [[count of Sicily]], [[Roger I of Sicily|Roger I]], and his first cousin once removed, the [[duke of Apulia]], [[Roger Borsa]]. The two Rogers came, the former in exchange for the city of [[Naples]] and the latter for Richard's recognition of Apulian suzerainty, in May [[1098]] and [[siege of Capua|besieged Capua]] for forty days.
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