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'''Trino''' is a ''[[comune]]'' (municipality) in the [[Province of Vercelli]] in the [[Italy|Italian]] region [[Piedmont]], located about 50 km northeast of [[Turin]] and about 15 km southwest of [[Vercelli]]. As of [[31 December]] [[2004]], it had a population of 7,788 and an area of 70.6 km<sup>2</sup>².<ref name="istat">All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute [[Istat]].</ref>
Trino borders the following municipalities: [[Bianzè]], [[Camino (AL)|Camino]], [[Costanzana]], [[Fontanetto Po]], [[Livorno Ferraris]], [[Morano sul Po]], [[Palazzolo Vercellese]], [[Ronsecco]], and [[Tricerro]].