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Boston Latin has played rival [[English High School of Boston|Boston English]] in [[American Football|Football]] every [[Thanksgiving]] since 1887, the oldest continuously operated high school [[English/Latin Rivalry|rivalry]] in the [[United States]].<ref></ref> Boston Latin's teams are known as the Boston Latin Wolfpack. Historically, Boston Latin's hockey and volleyball teams, both boys' and girls', have been very good; for the most part, however, titles have been few and far between, possibly due to the emphasis the school places on academics before anything else. Unfortunatly, now the Boy's and Girl's Volleyball teams are one of the worst in the state. However, the Boys Varsity Hockey team recently won state in 2005, as well as the Girls Varsity Crew Team. In addition, the Girls Tennis Team were State Champions and undefeated from 2001-2003. The Boys Varsity Soccer Team experienced their most successful season to date in 2006.
Boston Latin's colors are purple and white, whichenvoking copycatthe Brooklynpurple Latintogas Schoolof stoleRoman emprors.