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*The art program also hosts an Arts Night, similar to the Music Nights, which is dedicated to the work of students in the 2 year [[Advanced Placement Program|Advanced Placement]] program.
===Boston Latin School Junior Classical League===
Since its conception in 2000, Boston Latin School has been an active participant on the local, state, national levels of the [[National Junior Classical League|National Junior Classical League]], fostering a tradition of deeper academic study of the Classics, along with creative expression through visual and creative arts. Boston Latin School hosts a [[certamen|certamen]] scrimmage (much like a quiz bowl competition) each year in late November or early December, and sends delegates to the State Convention in April, and often the National Convention, which takes places in July or August. In the past years, Boston Latin School's JCL chapter has grown substantially since its founding; Boston Latin School often contributes dedicated certamen players to represent Massachusetts on a national level in certamen.