The Sopo Archangels (Arcángeles de Sopó) is a famous collection of oil paintings from the Colombian colonial period which is located in the Church of the Divine Savior in the Colombian municipality of Sopó.

This art collection has an important historic value. The Archangels are believed to be painted around 1650, but the artist remains unknown. Some art experts believe that the paintings are from Baltasar de Figueroa, others point to the Ecuadorian painter Miguel de Santiago. A third theory indicates the Bogotan painter Bernabe de Posadas.

The national Ministry of Culture and the Board of Colonial Art developed a restoration program for the pieces, which have various degrees of damage. Twelve canvas of 2.38 x 1.67 meters depict eleven archangels, plus the Guardian Angel. Each piece contains the Hebraic name of the angel and the Spanish language description: