Sofia First Chronicle

The Sofia First Chronicle (Софийская первая летопись) is a Russian chronicle associated with the St. Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod, Russia. Its copies exist in two versions: Early Redaction (starshy izvod), which ends by 1418 and Later Redaction (mladshy izvod), with sporadic additions up to 1471, and up to 1508 in one of the copies.

Together with the Novgorod Fourth Chronicle, it is believed that it is derived from a common source. Russian philologist Aleksey Shakhmatov tentatively called it the Novgorodsko-Sofiysky Svod (Novgorod-Sofia Corpus) and initially dated it by 1448, but later revised his opinion to 1430s. Some Russian philologists shared his opinion, while others attribute the common source to the 1418 Corpus of Photius, Metropolitan of Moscow.

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