Siegerländisch also known as Siegerländer-Platt(„Sejerlännr Pladd“) is the most northeastern Moselle-Franconian dialect spoken in the region around the city Siegen in Germany.[1][2] The dialect is also spoken in parts of northern Altenkirchen as well as parts of the Westerwaldkreis.

Dialect FeaturesEdit

The dialect features speaking patterns such as saying "dat" rather than "das" The pronunciation of the "R" in this dialect unlike most German dialects sounds similar to the North American R sound.[3]



I - ich - Ech
He - er - Hä
She - sie - er/dat


Today - Heute - ho
Tomorrow - morgen - morn
Morning - Der Morgen - Dr Morje

Days of the WeekEdit

Monday - Montag - Månéch
Tuesday - Dienstag - Dersdéch
Wednesday - Mittwoch – Méddwoch/Middwuch
Thursday - Donnerstag - Donnrschdéch
Friday - Freitag - Frijdaach
Saturday - Samstag - Samsdach
Sunday - Sonntag - Sonnéch


Girl - Mädchen – Mäddche
Boy - Junge – Jong
Unraised Child - ungezogenes Kind – Bloach, Boachd, Oodochd, Schinnoss (weibl.), Rotzbloach
Dad - Papa - Babbe
Mom - Mama - Mamme
Grandmother - Oma - Omma

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