Seyyed Mosque (Persian: مسجد سید‎) is the biggest and the most famous mosque from the Qajar era in Isfahan. It was founded by Seyyed Mohammad Bagher Shafti, one of the most famous clergymen in Isfahan. It was founded in the middle of the 19th century, but its tiling lasted until the end of the century. The seyyed mosque is the best sample for studying the tiling art in the Qajar era.[1]

Seyyed Mosque
Mezquita Seyyed, Isfahan, Irán, 2016-09-20, DD 17.jpg
The Shabestan of Seyyed Mosque
AffiliationShia Islam
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Seyyed Mosque (Isfahan) is located in Iran
Seyyed Mosque (Isfahan)
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates32°39′53″N 51°39′50″E / 32.664722°N 51.663889°E / 32.664722; 51.663889Coordinates: 32°39′53″N 51°39′50″E / 32.664722°N 51.663889°E / 32.664722; 51.663889
Architectural typeMosque



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