Serra do Marão located in the border between Trás-os-Montes (District of Vila Real) and Douro Litoral (District of Porto) regions, is the sixth highest mountain in Continental Portugal, rising up to 1415 meters.

Serra do Marão
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Serra do Marão
Highest point
Elevation1,415 m (4,642 ft) PT article in Wikipedia
Prominence689 m (2,260 ft) PT article in Wikipedia
Coordinates41°14′54.0″N 7°53′12.9″W / 41.248333°N 7.886917°W / 41.248333; -7.886917Coordinates: 41°14′54.0″N 7°53′12.9″W / 41.248333°N 7.886917°W / 41.248333; -7.886917
LocationTrás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and Douro Litoral, Portugal
Serra do Marão in Portugal
Serra do Marão in Portugal
Location of Serra do Marão in Portugal


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