SemiAccurate (S|A in short) is a U.S.-based technology-news and -opinion web site, founded in 2009 by Charlie Demerjian after his departure from The Inquirer. The site lists as its contributors: Charlie Demerjian (the site's founder), Thomas Ryan and Leo Yim.[citation needed]

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As of 2017 the site operates under a partial paywall model, making the majority of its content publicly available at no cost to readers - but subscribers to the "Student-" and "Professional-"level tiers receive access to special analysis articles and reports on industry trends similar to white papers.

Notable StoriesEdit

In February 2010, Semiaccurate ran a story on the yet to be released, “Fermi”, microprocessor from Nvidia, which called the chip, “Hot, Slow, Late and Unmanufacturable.”[2]

In August 2010, a tip off from a reader helped Semiaccurate to cover Sony admitting to defective graphics chips in some of its laptops.[3] News organization IDG credited SemiAccurate for first reporting the story.[4]

In May 2011, Semiaccurate published a story on Apple dropping Intel from its laptop line within a few years.[5] This story was covered by a large number of U.S.-based as well as international news organizations. ZDnet and Barrons both weighed in on the validity of the story.[6][7]

In June 2011, Semiaccurate published a story detailing the scandal that led AMD, Nvidia, and VIA to leave Intel as the lone semiconductor design company in the BAPCo consortium.[8] In response, Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer of AMD, published a blog titled "Voting for Openness" shortly after this story went up, and explained AMD's side of the story.[9]

In August 2011, Semiaccurate published two stories, one covering the specifications of Nvidia’s unreleased mobile graphics line up,[10] and another covering the specifications of AMD’s (one of Nvidia's direct competitors) unreleased mobile graphics line up.[11] Softpedia,[12] VR-Zone,[13] TweakTown,[14] and the Tom's Hardware Forum all credited Semiaccurate for leaking these specifications.[15]

Reader SupportedEdit

On December 4, 2012 SemiAccurate moved from an ad revenue supported business model to a paywall business model.[16] This paywall model had three tiers, Curious (free), Member ($200 per year), and Professional ($1000 per year).

On May 5, 2013 SemiAccurate amended this model to reduce the number of subscription tiers from three, down to two.[17] Under the revised pay wall model the Curious and Member levels were replaced by the Student level membership ($100 per year), while the Professional level membership remained at the same.


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