Self-Publishing Review

Self-Publishing Review (or SPR) is an online book review magazine for indie authors founded in 2008 by American author Henry Baum.

Self-Publishing Review
EditorCate Baum (2011–present)
CategoriesBook reviews
FounderHenry Baum
Year founded2008
CountryUnited States/Spain


Self-Publishing Review is a daily online reportage of indie book reviews, articles, and news related to the self-publishing industry.[1]

SPR members include indie author Amanda Hocking, and has interviewed Tessa Dick, former wife of author Philip K Dick, which was featured in The New York Times,[2] and bestselling author Darcie Chan.

Self-Publishing Review was one of the first original self-publishing portals, featured in The Guardian newspaper,[3] The Huffington Post,[4] Writer's Digest[5] and Forbes.[6] SPR has partnered with BookBaby, the literary sister company to CDBaby as a provider of author services.

Self-Publishing Review's annual writing contest, The SPR Book Awards,[7] started in 2014, awards prizes for excellence in small press and independent authorship. It has become a yearly event on the indie author calendar worldwide with hundreds of entries each year, with winners as far afield as Australia, Ireland, Canada, and China.


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