The Seetal is a valley in the cantons of Lucerne and Aargau in Switzerland. The valley descends from south to north from near Eschenbach (in the canton of Lucerne) to Lenzburg (in the canton of Aargau), and is drained by the Aabach and the Ron. The valley is distinguished by Lake Hallwil and Lake Baldegg, from which it takes its name (Lake Valley).[1]

The Seetal valley, with Lake Baldegg in the middle ground and the Alps behind
Lake Hallwil
Seetalstrasse and railway near Beinwil am See


The following municipalities lie within the Seetal:[1]


The valley is followed throughout its length by the Seetalstrasse main road and by the Seetal railway line, which both serve to link Lucerne and Lenzburg. The railway line closely parallels the road, with many of the characteristics of a roadside tramway, and stations serve many of the villages of the valley.


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Coordinates: 47°13′54″N 8°14′37″E / 47.23167°N 8.24361°E / 47.23167; 8.24361