Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology

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The Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology are a series of lectures delivered and published under the auspices of the British Academy. The Leopold Schweich Trust Fund, set up in 1907, was a gift from Miss Constance Schweich in memory of her father. It provided for three public lectures to be delivered annually (now triennially) on subjects related to ‘the archaeology, art, history, languages and literature of Ancient Civilization with reference to Biblical Study’. The three papers given by each lecturer are published together in book form, by Oxford University Press. There have been many reprintings.

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Book details are preceded by the year of delivery of the lectures. The date of publication is usually a year or two later.

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  • Graham Davies: The Schweich Lectures and Biblical Archaeology. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2011, ISBN 978-0-19-726487-4

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