Sargis Mkhargrdzeli (Georgian: სარგის მხარგრძელი) or Sargis Zakarian (Armenian: Սարգիս Զաքարյան; died 1187 AD) was a Georgian-Armenian[1] noble and one of the generals of Tamar's army during the late 12th century.

Sargis Mkhargrdzeli
Ruler of Ani and Somkhiti
SuccessorZakaria II Mkhargrdzeli
Ivane I Mkhargrdzeli
BuriedSanahin Monastery
Noble familyMkhargrdzeli
Spouse(s)Sagdukht Artsruni
FatherZakaria I Mkhargrdzeli
ReligionArmenian Apostolic Church


Under King George III of Georgia, Ivane Orbeli was appointed as a governor of Ani in 1161, while Sargis Mkhargrdzeli was made his assistant.[2] In 1165 the city fell into the hands of Shaddadids, but in 1174 George III recaptured it and at this time city was briefly transferred to Sargis. In 1175 the southern provinces of Georgia were again overrun by a united Muslim host. The chronicles do not allow the reconstruction of any coherent picture of this struggle, but it can be assumed that the town and region frequently changed into hands. In 1177, the Sargis Mkhargrdzeli seized chance during the rebellion of Prince Demna and the Orbeli family and supported the monarchy against the insurgents (former suzerain). The King received him amiably and kindly and rendered him homage according to his birth.[3] The uprising was suppressed, and King George III persecuted his opponents and elevated the Mkhargrdzelis. Following the death of George III in 1184, Queen Tamar elevated Sargis Mkhargrdzeli — a wellborn valorous man, well trained in battle — to the office of Amirspasalar (Lord High Constable) and granted him possessions over Lori (which was deprived of from Kubasar), the estate of the princes and rulers of Somkhiti. She gave presents to his elder son, Zakaria, and his younger son, Ivane, and made them a member of the Darbazi (council of state).


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