Sant Just Desvern (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈsaɲ ˈʒust dəzˈβɛɾn]; Old Catalan for "Saint Justin of-the-Buckthorn") is a town near Barcelona, in the comarca of the Baix Llobregat,[1] Catalonia, Spain. Baix Llobregat has an area of 486.5km2, population of 643,419 inhabitants (1996), density of 1322.5 inhabitants/km2 and Sant Feliu de Llobregat is the capital.[4]

Sant Just Desvern
Parish church
Parish church
Coat of arms of Sant Just Desvern
Coat of arms
Sant Just Desvern is located in Province of Barcelona
Sant Just Desvern
Sant Just Desvern
Location in Catalonia
Sant Just Desvern is located in Spain
Sant Just Desvern
Sant Just Desvern
Sant Just Desvern (Spain)
Coordinates: 41°22′59″N 2°04′30″E / 41.383°N 2.075°E / 41.383; 2.075Coordinates: 41°22′59″N 2°04′30″E / 41.383°N 2.075°E / 41.383; 2.075
Country Spain
Community Catalonia
ComarcaBaix Llobregat
 • MayorJosep Perpinyà Palau (2015)[1]
 • Total7.8 km2 (3.0 sq mi)
122 m (400 ft)
 • Total17,494
 • Density2,200/km2 (5,800/sq mi)

Sant Just Desvern is located in the 2,078317º of longitude and 41,381611º of latitude.[4] It is situated at 122m (average) over the line of the sea.[4] The maximum height is located at 405 meters above sea level, almost in the top of Turó de Merlès (416.7 m) and the lowest spot of this town is about 40 meters, located at the park of Torreblanca.

The surface of the town is about 7,8 km2. The town has 35 km of streets. It has good connections to arrive to N-340, the highway A-2 and Rondes de Dalt and Litoral.[4]

In the first division of comarcal, Sant Just Desvern was included in Barcelonès (1936). But in the comarcal revision in 1987, along with Esplugas de Llobregat, they became part of Baix Llobregat.

The municipality borders are Sant Joan Despí to the southwest, Esplugues de Llobregat to the east and Sant Feliu de Llobregat to the northeast. Barcelona is almost in the border line.

The first mention of the town in a document dates back to the year 965. Its coat of arms depicts a blue bell inside a golden rhombus.

The local city council uses the slogan pobleiciutat (Catalan for townandcity).

Sant Just Desvern is home to several celebrities including players for the F.C. Barcelona football club and politicians including the ex-president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, José Montilla.


1900 1930 1950 1970 1986 2012
1101 2328 2931 9226 11,379 15,874

The population was 15,874 in 2012.[5]


The town is home to the Walden 7, designed by Ricardo Bofill. The building has 16 stories high and this surface is 31.140 m2. The building has 446 apartments and nowadays live about thousand people. It has three swimming pools on the top.[6]

Apart from that, Sant Just has a viewer[7] near to the Walden. The viewer is a concrete chimney designed by engineer Clifford Tomlinson (1924) and restored by Alfredo Arribas (approx.1985-1996). It’s 105 meters in height and it was the highest chimney in Europe when it was constructed (1924). The viewpoint is on the top accessed by an elevator with transparent floor and ceiling. Besides, the chimney has a widescreen restaurant high in a metallic ring high with panoramic views.

The Church of Sant Just Desvern is documented since 987.[8] The actual building is of 1571 and after the Spanish civil war was reconstructed because it was burnt.

Moreover, Sant Just has some ancient farmhouses that are regarded like patrimony of the town. Those are Can Campreciós (1326), Can Ginestar (1403), Can Segrera (1709), Can Cardona(1306), Can Solanes(S. XVI-XVII), Can Pedrosa(1077), Can Carbonell(S. XIX)etc.[9]


The economy of St. Just is based by industrial sector and the service sector, which have a high specialization. The most important industries are chemical-pharmaceutical, perfume, machinery manufacturing, electrical equipment manufacturing and precision instruments. For services are machinery rental, whole sale trade and income distribution.[10]

The weatherEdit

It is a Mediterranean climate. It has a mild climate, warm in winter and very hot in summer. The temperature in Sant Just Desvern is always positive, seldom goes down zero degrees. The temperature is between 5 degrees and 30 degrees.[11]

The rain is not very common in Sant Just Desvern, usually it rains between 1-5days a month. Rainfalls aren’t abundant and mainly are in autumn and spring. It rains between 450–500 mm every year.[12]


Sant Just has a particular tradition. Since 1976, every year they organize a bearings kart race in the town (karts de coixinets). The karts are constructed for the participants and they don’t have any motor. The kart is driven for two people, the driver and the runner. The karts go down a descend during all the race.[13]

Since 1980, Sant Just has the gang of the giants. The giants are Pastor (3,6 m height and 38 kg), Justa (3,55 height and 37 kg), Monserrat (2,1 height and 11 kg), Gentil (3,90height and 60 kg), Flordeneu (3,7 m height and 31 kg) and the giant of Canigó that belongs to the School Canigó). Giants go to walk and dance each town festival.[14]

Sant Just has a gang called dragons created in 2010. They are the main people who organize the fireworks in the town. Those fireworks aren’t in the sky; they are on the street floor. The demons burn some ceptrot (a kind of torches but with sparks) and the people dance under it. It is very common in some towns in Catalonia and other kind of fireworks.

Another gang of Sant Just Desvern is the Dragons. When it is time of fireworks the dragon walk along the town dancing with them. The dragon throws fire and sparks, therefore, comes together with the demons.[15]

Centers of cultureEdit

Ateneu de Sant Just Desvern is a cultural association founded in 1918.[16] There are some activities related topainting, theater, writing, dancing, hiking and cinema.[17]

The Casal de Joves is another cultural association but this one is destined for a young people. The association organizes some workshops. It has public room with computers and different areas to play games.[18]


Public education[19]

Sant Just Desvernhas a public kinder Garden called “Marrecs”. After that, it has three State Schools for the age between 3 and 12 years (School Monserrat, School Canigó and School Montseny). The secondary school is called Institut of Sant Just Desvern. It doesn’t have any Universities.

Private education[20]

Between (0-3):Noah’s Ark, Children’s Park, Tictac, Abc kínder Garden, School Pro, La Casita De Lore, Madre Sacrament

Between (3-18):La Miranda,Princess Margaret School, School Palcam,School Mare de Déu of Núria


Sant Just Desvern has two sports facilities and the Futbol Club Sant Just Desvern. There are two hiking associations: Secció Excursionista de l’Ateneu Sanjustenc (SEAS) and Els Isard. It also has a hockey club, a cycling club and a sardana dance group.

Sports FacilitiesEdit

  • La Bonaigua: (gym and swimming pools): Pg.De la Muntanya
  • Can Melich: (gym, tennis, paddle, swimming pools and squash): Av. Once Septiembre

Important peopleEdit

Sites of interestEdit

  • Library Joan Margarit: Street Carles Mercader, 17, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, Spain
  • City hall of Sant Just desvern: Plaça de Verdaguer, 2, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Spain


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