San Juan School District

San Juan School District (SJSD) is a school district headquartered in Blanding, Utah.

San Juan School District
San Juan School District Business Office.jpg
200 North Main Street, Blanding

United States
District information
SuperintendentRon T. Nielson [1]:2
Budget38.5 million USD (2018) [1]:55
NCES District ID4900900[2]
Other information

The district has twelve schools. As of 2018 3,193 students were enrolled.[1]:23


As of 2017 teachers in communities of the southern part of the school district (the Bluff, Montezuma Creek, and Oljato–Monument Valley areas) tend to have less experience than those in the northern part of the school district (Blanding, La Sal, and Monticello); about 50% of the teachers to the north have 14 or more years of experience while 7% of teachers in the southern communities have that experience.[3]


7-12 schools:

High schools (9-12):

Middle schools (7-8):

  • Albert R. Lyman Middle School - Blanding

K-6 schools:

  • Montezuma Creek Elementary School - Aneth (Unincorporated area)[6][7]
    • In 2017 the school offered to give salaries of $80,000 to teachers with many years of experience who are designated as lead teachers.[8]
  • Monticello Elementary School - Monticello
  • Tsé'bii'nidzisgai Elementary School - Oljato–Monument Valley (Unincorporated area)

1-5 schools:

  • Blanding Elementary School - Blanding
  • Bluff Elementary School - Bluff (Unincorporated area)

1-3 schools:

  • La Sal Elementary School - La Sal (Unincorporated area)


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