San Anton School


San Anton School is a private co-educational school located in Imselliet, near Mġarr, Malta. The school was founded in 1988 in the village of Attard, close to the President's San Anton Palace, giving the school its name.[1]

It was the first school on the island to be set up by the Parents' Foundation for Education. Within a few years the school became popular enough to warrant new premises to be built in the L-Imselliet valley, on the outskirts of Mġarr.

The school currently serves 1000 students aged 18 months to 16.


San Anton School offers a kindergarten, as well as a primary and secondary school. It also runs a Summer School, the latter of which is open to all children aged 4 to 13, including non San Anton School students.

The majority of lessons are given in English.

San Anton School has a FIFA approved football pitch and an all-weather IAAF approved running track. It also possesses other facilities for Futsal, Tennis, Basketball and gymnastics, amongst several other sports.


The school obtains its funding from the fees, as from fund-raising activities.


The current headmaster is Joe Gauci, appointed in 2011.[2]

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