Sakiho Juri

Sakiho Juri (樹里 咲穂, Juri Sakiho, born 28 October 1971) is a Japanese performing artist and a former member of the Takarazuka Revue, where she specialized in playing male characters (Otokoyaku). She joined the revue in 1990 and resigned in 2005. She is from Osaka.

Sakiho Juri
Born (1971-10-28) October 28, 1971 (age 49)
Years active1990—present

Troupe historyEdit

  • Moon Troupe: 1990–1998
  • Cosmo Troupe: 1998–2000
  • Supreme Member: 2000–2005

General informationEdit

Considered as one of the powerful and multi-talented actresses while she was in the rooster, she started her Takarazuka career at Moon Troupe. Even though never being cast as the top bill during her new actor era, she already showed her talent since then—the most memorable is Jaqueline Carstone in the first act of Me and My Girl. In her latter day in Moon Troupe, she once again portrayed in a female role: Anita from the Moon's production of West Side Story. Also, she could be in tough role like Ricardo in The Wind of Buenos Aires and a small-time crook like Duchain in Crossroad.

In 1998, she was being transferred to the newly found Cosmos Troupe in order to replace Hikaru Asami, who had been transferred to Snow Troupe, and her first role in Cosmo Troupe is Prince Rudolph in the Tokyo run of Cosmo's production of Elisabeth in 1998. With the future portray of Emperor Franz Joseph of Flower's production of Elisabeth in 2003, she became one of the three actresses that has portrayed both father and son in this musical (along with Yōka Wao, who is the Emperor in the 1998 production and Mao Ayabuki, who is the Prince in the 2003 production) among actresses from the company.

In June 2000, the directors of the company had made a radical change on the troupe structure by sending the second and third tier actresses of each troupe to the Senka, which served as the waiting list for top star of the troupes. Under this circumstance, she became one of the "Senka's Eleven" along with Wataru Kozuki. Therefore, when she had her first Bow Hall leading show, Freedom: Mr. Carmen (the retelling of the famous opera Carmen with Carmen is male and Jose [reversed with Josie] is female), which is under the production of Cosmo Troupe, she is billed as a member of Senka rather than as a member of Cosmo Troupe.

She made special appearance in the production of Flower, Snow, Star and Cosmo. Also, she hosted TV show for Takarazuka Sky Stage, the speciality channel of TCA. In 2005, she resigned from the Revue via Flower Troupe by having her top bill performance Ernest in Love, reunioned with Asuka Tono. This makes her the only one among the Eleven (that did not make to the top) to have her own top bill show while resigning from the company.

After the resignation from the company, she continues her career on stage. Currently, she is married and hosts JURI no dondake GOGO5!? for Takarauzuka Sky Stage as a part of the celebration of fifth anniversary of the channel.

She got married on March 3, 2007.

She is one of the cast in the first production of the Japanese stage version of The Wedding Singer

Notable Performance and RolesEdit

Takarazuka EraEdit

Moon New Actor EraEdit

  • Me and My Girl – Jaqueline Carstone (Act 1)
  • Can-Can – Boris
  • Descendant of Baron – Richard

Moon EraEdit

Cosmos EraEdit

  • Elisabeth – Rudolph (Replacing Hikaru Asami for Tokyo performance)
  • Crossroad – Duchain
  • Passion: Jose and Carmen – Remendad
  • Black Rose of the Desert – Shayza

Senka EraEdit

With Flower TroupeEdit
With Snow TroupeEdit
  • Romance de Paris – Rachid Salam
With Star TroupeEdit
With Cosmos TroupeEdit
  • Freedom: Mr. Carmen – Carmen (Bow Hall lead performance)
  • Nostalgia Across the Sea – Genkuro Tokaiya
  • Castel Mirage – Richard Taylor (Replacing Wataru Kozuki in the Tokyo performance)
  • Phantom – Gerard Carriere

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