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Sakesar (Punjabi,Urdu: سكيسر‎), is the highest mountain in the Salt Range in Pothohar in Pakistan. Its height is 1,522m.[1] It lies on the outer fringes of the Soon Valley in Khushab District in the Punjab Province. Uchhali Lake is just below it. It is a good picnic spot and moderately tough walking point.

Sakesar Mountains.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1552 metres
LocationSoon Valley, Pakistan
Parent rangeSalt Range
Mountain typeHill
View from Sakeser top.jpg


The mountain used to be the summer headquarters for the deputy commissioners of three districts - Campbellpur (now Attock), Mianwali and Sargodha. In view of Sakesar's ideal location and height, the PAF selected it in the late 1950s as the site for a high-powered radar which would provide air defence cover for the northeastern part of the western wing.[citation needed] The hilltop of Sakesar is located in the Salt Range - starting from Sohawa (in Jhelum District) in the east and spreading westward.

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WWF Survey carried out in September 2001 indicated that over 60 species of birds (some of them rare ones) and 10 species of mammals exist in and around Sakesar.


The main villages in the valley are: Amb Shareef (location of mountain temple), Dhadhar (Oldest Village of Valley) Anga (2nd Oldest Village of Valley), Chitta, Dhaka, Jaba, Khura, Khabeki, Uchalla, Khotakka, Koradhi, Kufri (currently known as Sadiq Abad), Mardwal, Sabhral, Shakarkot, Sirhaal, Sodhi, Surrakki, Ugali, Noshehra and Uchhali. These all names were given to the areas by the peoples (who migrated to India) here before the separation of Pakistan and India. Some old shrines, temples and buildings are still there in every village. Now soon Velly is famous for fresh vegetables.


  • May–June Summers Min 15 to 22 °C; Max 28 to 38 °C
  • Nov–Feb winters Min –3 to –4 °C; Max 6 to 22 °C
  • July-Aug Rainy Season

Amb Shareef Hindu templeEdit

The Amb Temples date from the 7th to 9th centuries CE

The ancient pre-Islamic ancient Hindu temple, is near the Amb Shareef village, on the Sakesar mountain in the Soon Valley. The temple complex, built in brick and mortar, is complex of two temples facing each other. The main temple is several storeys high, roughly 15 to 20 meter tall. To the west about 75 meters lies another smaller temple, which is 2 story or 7 to 8 meters high. It is located on the Sakesar mountain, near Amb Shareef village.[2]

PTV re-broadcasting stationEdit

Pakistan Television's re-broadcasting centre has been installed to provide terrestrial transmissions coverage to adjoining areas.

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