SCSI Trade Association

The SCSI Trade Association, or SCSITA (sometimes STA), is an industry trade group which exists to promote the use of SCSI technology. It was formed in 1996. As of 2012, sponsor members include HP, Intel, LSI Logic, PMC-Sierra, and Seagate.[1] Requirements for membership are (1) manufacturing or selling SCSI related products or services and (2) paying dues and fees, which start at $4500/year.[2]

The SCSITA does not define SCSI technical standards; that is the job of the INCITS T10 Committee.[3] Rather, SCSITA promotes the use of SCSI and establishes standard marketing terminology and trademarks. They also foster vendor inter-operability.[4]

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  • SCSI – Small Computer System Interface
  • INCITS – International Committee for Information Technology Standards


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