Sömmerda station is the station of Sömmerda in the German state of Thuringia. It is the public transport hub of the Sömmerda district and the only Turmbahnhof ("tower station"—two-level interchange station) in Thuringia.

Deutsche Bahn
Junction station
Bahnhof Sömmerda.JPG
Entrance building
LocationAm Bahnhof 1, Sömmerda, Thuringia
Coordinates51°09′56″N 11°07′41″E / 51.165556°N 11.128056°E / 51.165556; 11.128056Coordinates: 51°09′56″N 11°07′41″E / 51.165556°N 11.128056°E / 51.165556; 11.128056
Other information
Station code5895[1]
DS100 codeUSD[2]
Opened14 August 1874
Preceding station   Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland   Following station
toward Erfurt Hbf
RE 10
via Sangerhausen
toward Erfurt Hbf
RB 59
via Sömmerda
toward Sangerhausen
Preceding station   Erfurter Bahn   Following station
TerminusEB 27
toward Buttstädt
Sömmerda is located in Thuringia
Location within Thuringia
Sömmerda is located in Germany
Location within Germany
Sömmerda is located in Europe
Location within Europe


The first railway reached Sömmerda on 14 August 1874. It was the Straußfurt–Großheringen railway (known as the Pfefferminzbahn—"Peppermint Railway"), which connects Straußfurt in the west via Sömmerda to Großheringen in the east. This line was built by the Nordhausen-Erfurt Railway Company (Nordhausen-Erfurter Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft) and owned by the Prussian state railways (Preußische Staatsbahn) from 1887. On 24 October 1881, the second and more important line, the Sangerhausen–Erfurt railway was opened through Sömmerda. In preparation for it, the station had to be developed into a two-level interchange station in order to link both lines. Since then, the higher Sangerhausen–Erfurt railway has run above the Peppermint Railway. This line served the traffic from Erfurt to the then capital of the Prussian Province of Saxony, Magdeburg. It was built by the Magdeburg–Halberstadt Railway Company (Magdeburg-Halberstädter Eisenbahngesellschaft) and was taken over by the Prussian government in 1886. A second track was built between Erfurt and Sömmerda. The second track was dismantled in 1946 to provide reparations, but was restored after the reunification of Germany. The line was electrified by the end of the 1990s. Passenger traffic on the Straußfurt–Sömmerda section ended on 9 December 2007 and Regionalbahn services now run on the Peppermint Railway only to Großheringen.



There is barrier-free access to platform 1 via a ramp and to platform 2/3 (island platform) via a lift. Platforms 4 and 5 are partly barrier-free as platform 5 can only be reached by a pedestrian overpass.

Platform Length in m Height in cm
1 146 55
2 146 55
3 146 55
4 194 28
5 281 26

Regional servicesEdit

In the 2017 timetable, Sömmerda is served by the following services:[3][4][5][6]

  • RE 10 Erfurt–Sömmerda–Sangerhausen–Güsten–Magdeburg (every two hours alternating with RB 59)
  • RB 27 Sömmerda–Buttstädt–Großheringen (hourly between Sömmerda and Buttstädt, otherwise every two hours)
  • RB 59 Erfurt–Sömmerda–Sangerhausen–Halle (Saale)–Bitterfeld (every two hours alternating with RE 10)
Line Route Interval (min) Operator
RE 10 Magdeburg – Staßfurt – Hettstedt – Sangerhausen – Artern – SömmerdaErfurt 120 Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland
EB 27 Sömmerda – Kölleda – Buttstädt (– Großheringen) 120 Erfurter Bahn
RB 59 (Dessau –) BitterfeldHalle (Saale) – Lutherstadt Eisleben – Sangerhausen – Artern – Sömmerda – Erfurt 120 Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland


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