The Rotuaari is a pedestrian zone in the Pokkinen district in Oulu, Finland. The area, together with the Oulu Market Square, is being managed by the city centre shopkeeper association Oulun Liikekeskus ry.[1]

Oulu Central Square 20200313.jpg
Oulu Central Square is the main square on Rotuaari.
Maintained byOulun Liikekeskus ry
LocationKirkkokatu, Oulu
Postal code90100
Coordinates65°00′42.5″N 025°28′13″E / 65.011806°N 25.47028°E / 65.011806; 25.47028Coordinates: 65°00′42.5″N 025°28′13″E / 65.011806°N 25.47028°E / 65.011806; 25.47028

The pedestrian zone was established in the summer 1987. The name of the zone, Rotuaari, was derived from the French word trottoir.[2] At first part of Kirkkokatu street was converted to pedestrian use only, later the zone was enlarged to Kauppurienkatu street between Isokatu street and the market square. The main square of the zone is the Oulu Central Square, where most of the festivals and other events of Rotuaari are held. In 2012, a heating system was placed under the whole length of the pedestrian part of Kirkkokatu (including the Central Square), so that it will be free of ice and snow during the winter months.


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