(Redirected from Rotowire) is a company based in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S. that specializes in fantasy sports news and fantasy-style games. RotoWire provides fantasy news and information to, Yahoo! Sports,,,, Sports Illustrated and Sirius XM Radio. RotoWire is the successor to, which pioneered the concept of real-time fantasy sports information when launched in 1997.
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Fantasy Sports
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Created byPeter Schoenke, Herb Ilk, Jeff Erickson
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  • is the company's primary product, a fantasy sports news site that focuses on MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, auto racing (mostly NASCAR), golf, college football, college basketball and soccer. The web site features player news, draft kits, in-season tools, feature stories and statistical data to help fantasy players in each sport.
  • RotoWire has two annual print publications produced by the same staff that operates the website: The RotoWire Fantasy Football Guide and RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide. Both publications are published at the start of the preseason and focus on fantasy draft preparation.
  • RotoWire offers in-draft software for baseball and football, golf, basketball and hockey. The software comes as part of a subscription to and isn't sold separately.
  • offers fantasy games and commissioner software.
  • RotoWire hosts RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today on XM 87/Sirius 210 each Monday-Friday from 11 to 2 ET. The fantasy sports show is primarily hosted by Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss, along with Derek VanRiper, Andrew Martinez and Peter Schoenke. RotoWire previously hosted two fantasy sports radio shows on XM Radio from 2005 to 2008. Fantasy Focus was a one-hour show hosted by Jeff Erickson on the MLB Home Plate channel in connection with XM Radio's extensive MLB offerings. The "RotoWire Fantasy Sports Hour" was a one-hour show hosted by Chris Liss on XM Sports Nation channel 144 that covered all sports, but mostly focused on fantasy football.



  • Joe Sheehan is a frequent guest writer and appears frequently on RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM.
  • Patrick Newman – Covers Japanese baseball.

Former contributorsEdit

  • Keith Law - ESPN baseball writer
  • Tony Blegino - Special assistant to the general manager, baseball operations, Seattle Mariners[2]
  • Stephania Bell - ESPN Injury Expert.
  • John Sickels served as RotoWire's minor league expert from 2006 to 2010. He also hosted Fantasy Focus on Fridays, when it was called "Down on the Farm."
  • Steve Moyer - President, Baseball Info Solutions
  • Carson Cistulli was a contributing writer for NBA and to RotoWire's RotoSynthesis blog. He won the FSWA 2011 basketball sports writer of the year award for his work with RotoWire.
  • Will Carroll has been a frequent contributing writer for RotoWire's baseball magazine.
  • Dalton Del Don was a staff writer and now writes for Yahoo! Sports.
  • Andy Benoit - The current SI writer contributed to NFL coverage.
  • Eddie Huang - Contributed to NBA coverage.
  • Jonah Keri - Wrote a blog for RotoWire in 2009-10. Frequent radio and podcast guest.

Company historyEdit launched in January 1997 and published its first player note on Feb. 16 1997. RotoNews revolutionized how fantasy sports information was presented on the web with the innovation of the "player note" which were snippets of information every time a player got hurt, traded, benched or had a news event that impacted his fantasy value - all search-able in a real-time database.[3] Most sites today follow how RotoNews had a "news" and "analysis" element to each player update.

"Back in 1997, Peter and his crew launched (now known as, giving us fantasy owners a wondrous gift: the player news application. You know, here's an update on a guy, and here's the fantasy spin on that news. This changed everything. The days of feeling like a moron because you started a quarterback who, unbeknownst to you, had frayed his septum? Over. And you have Peter to thank."[4]

Within two years RotoNews had become one of the top ten most trafficked sports sites on the web, according to Media Metrix, ranking higher than such sites as also launched the Web's first free commissioner service in 1998, quickly becoming the largest league management service.

"The Internet has been a god-send for fantasy-leaguers. Updated information is just a mouse-click away, while instantaneous box scores make the morning paper seem like the Stone Age.

How did we ever play fantasy baseball before the Internet? The same question can be asked of an online service that is changing the face of the industry. In just two short years, has become the industry leader for news and stats.[5] was sold to Broadband Sports in 1999, which failed in 2001. The company re-emerged as moved from a free model to a pay model in 2001.[6]


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