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Ron Fortier (born November 5, 1946) is an American author, primarily known for his Green Hornet and The Terminator comic books and his revival of the pulp hero, Captain Hazzard. Early in his career he also wrote short stories and co-authored two novels for TSR.

Fortier grew up in New Hampshire and now resides in Colorado. He graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, in Dover. He served in the U.S. Army between 1965 and 1968 and is a Vietnam veteran. Upon his discharge, he attended the Southern New Hampshire University earning a BS degree in Business Administration. During his comics career, he wrote many series for Now Comics, including the best selling Green Hornet series done with artist Jeff Butler and Terminator Burning Earth, with Alex Ross. He later adapted a Gene Roddenberry's Lost Universe for Tekno Comix, and wrote an Incredible Hulk Annual.

Following his work on comic books, he returned to longer fiction with a series of pulp fiction novels, short stories, and a 2001 play. In 2006, along with artist Rob Davis, he started Airship 27 Productions, a production company devoted to publishing new adventures of classic pulp heroes. The company first worked with Wild Cat Books but in 2007 they partnered with Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans. Also in 2007 Fortier created pulp SF revival character "Mars McCoy." In 2011 Fortier and Airship 27 ended their partnership with Cornerstone and began publishing their books under their own Airship 27 Productions imprint. Fortier writes new Captain Hazzard novels based on a classic one-shot magazine from 1938 and created the new pulp character, Brother Bones; the Undead Avenger.

At the same time they started Redbud Studio to publish their own comics via the on-demand printing company, KaBlam. Redbud Studios publishes Fortier's comedy super-hero series, Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts illustrated by Gary Kato and edited by Rob Davis.

In 2011, Twilight Star Studio and Redbud Studio Comics began publishing Ron Fortier's Tales of the Macabre, a series of horror short stories written by Fortier and illustrated by comics industry up-and-coming artists. There have been six volumes to date including a collected edition.

In 2017 Fortier was the recipient of the Pulp Factory's first Pulp Grand Master Award.

Fortier has also co-written three novels with the late science fiction author Ardath Mayhar. He currently teaches a class in How To Write Comics & Graphic Novels at the Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, CO.


Short stories
  • "The Raid on Tauron IV" (1974)
  • "The Hero-Maker" (1974)
  • "The Bride of Balan" (1981) with Glenn Arthur Rahman
  • "Skeleton in the Closet" (1985) with Kevin J. Anderson
  • "The Fastest Runner," The Phantom Chronicles Moonstone Books
  • "Claws of the Cat," Domino Lady - Sex As a Weapon Moonstone Books
  • "The Yellow Dog," How The West Was Weird Vol 2 Word Press
  • "The Invisible Gang," Spider Chronicles Moonstone Books
  • "Spider Trap," Spider Extreme Prejudice Moonstone Books
  • "The Ghoul," Monster Hungers - Pro Se Productions
  • "Justice Is Mine," Justice Incl. Moonstone Books.
  • "The Dessert Contest," Sinbad The New Adv. Vol 5 Airship 27 Productions.
  • "Jazzy" Occult Detectives Vol 1 - Airship 27 Productions.
  • "The Austrian Prisoner," Athena Voltaire Pulp Tales - Action Labs (2017)
  • "The Locked Cell Murder," Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not - IFWG Pubs (2019)


  • "Where Loves Takes You" (2001)
  • Trail of the Seahawks, TSR, ISBN 0-88038-463-8 (June 1987) with Ardath Mayhar
  • Monkey Station, Wizards of the Coast, ISBN 0-88038-743-2 (July 1989) with Ardath Mayhar
  • The Hounds of Hell, Wild Cat Books, ISBN 1-4116-3166-8 (May 2005) with Gordon Linzner
  • Captain Hazzard: Python Men of the Lost City, Wild Cat Books, ISBN 1-4116-9092-3 (Apr. 2006) with Chester Hawks (rewrite of first Captain Hazzard story)
  • Captain Hazzard: The Citadel of Fear, Wild Cat Books, ISBN 1-4303-0189-9 (Nov. 2006) with Martin Powell
  • Witchfire, Cornerstone Book Publishers, ISBN 1-887560-81-5 (Sep. 2007) with Ardath Mayhar
  • "Ghost Squad - Rise of the Black Legion," with Andrew Salmon - Airship 27 Productions.
  • Brother Bones, Cornerstone Book Publishers, ISBN 1-887560-91-2 (Jan. 2008) with Rob Davis
  • Captain Hazzard: Curse of the Red Maggot, Cornerstone Book Publishers, ISBN 978-1-887560-94-8 (Feb.2008) with Chester Hawks (rewrite of second Captain Hazzard story)
  • Captain Hazzard: Cavemen of New York Cornerstone Book Publishers, ISBN 978-1-934935-12-5 (April 2008)
  • "Brother Bones - Tapestry of Blood," Airship 27 Productions
  • "Captain Hazzard:Custer's Ghost," Airship 27 Productions
  • "Brother Bones - City of Lost Souls," Airship 27 Productions.
  • "Mark Justice's The Dead Sheriff # 3 Cannibals & Vampires" with Mark Justice - Airship 27 Productions (2018)

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