Riverside, Paterson, New Jersey

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Riverside Silk Mill
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Riverside is a larger neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey and, as its name states, this neighborhood is bound by the Passaic River to the west, north and east, separating the city from Hawthorne and offering 5 major crossings into the Greater Paterson Borough of Fair Lawn, giving residents access to NJ Transits Urban Local-Hoboken PATH Connect Train Line in the Radburn and Broadway Districts, easily accessible by Bus, car, or walking, as well as keeping Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, etc. Religious Communities and families within walking distance of relatives, places of Worship, and other points of interests within the East Rivers 07514-07410 neighborhoods. It is loosely bounded in the south by 10th Avenue and Montgomery Street from the Eastside neighborhood, but it is common for anyone who lived, lives, or frequents the area the boundary using the word "Riversude" begins, from South to North, at Broadway to 1st/Maple Ave. and, from West to East, from Madison Ave to River Rd, to call their neighborhood "Riverside" within the sub-Culture of the 07514-07410 East River area, typically referred to as "River Rats", named after the 2 ft Long Rats that can be seen swimming, flipping or basking in the Sun in and around the East River. Riverside is mostly a quiet working-class neighborhood. The neighborhood is mostly residential with some industrial uses. Madison Avenue cuts through the heart of this district, but to many this is a loose boundary with Madison Ave. being the Western boundary, while Route 20 runs through the eastern border of Riverside providing an easy commute to Route 80 East and New York City. However, traditionally "Riverside" ended at River Rd. This section is ethnically diverse with a growing Hispanic community concentrating mostly north and along River Street. African Americans and Caribbean blacks live south of River Street. Many Albanians make their home in the East 18th Street and River Street areas. River View Terrace is located in this neighborhood. Riverside is located in parts of the 3rd and 4th Wards of Paterson.

Bunker Hill is a mostly industrial area west of River Street and east of the Passaic River. It is bounded on the east by River Street, on the south by Montgomery Street, on the west by the Passaic River and on the north by 4th Avenue.

Coordinates: 40°55′43″N 74°09′00″W / 40.928526°N 74.150076°W / 40.928526; -74.150076