riscos.info is a web site for users of the RISC OS operating system, run by Peter Naulls and John Tytgat. It is a community web site, intended to encourage user involvement.[1] It hosts the RISC OS FAQ, which was formerly distributed via the comp.sys.acorn.* newsgroups. It has been selected for inclusion by editors in at least one web directory,[2][3] and is also cited as a useful resource for C programming under RISC OS,[4] for the Unix Porting Project[5] and for hosting the port of Firefox.

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LaunchedJanuary 28, 2006; 14 years ago (2006-01-28)
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The riscos.info wiki was developed as an evolution to the former riscos.info static content, originally launched in March 2002.[6][7] The former site was launched as a guide to C programming under RISC OS.[7][8] The migration to a wiki was announced in 2006.[9]

The current site combines the former static content with articles from riscos.blog.com. It also includes the addition of the Unix Porting Project (presented at the RISC OS User Group of London in 2003)[10] and GCCSDK (the development environment for the RISC OS port of GCC).[1] The majority of the content of the original sites was written by Naulls. Other content was written or contributed to by other members of the RISC OS community, particularly the GCCSDK team.

Main featuresEdit

The site features RISC OS articles, news and other media. Registered users are able to contribute to the wiki and add their own news items.


GCCSDK comprises GCC for RISC OS and the GCC Software Development Kit itself. The 'GCC for RISC OS Initiative' was founded in 1999[11] and the combined GCCSDK was hosted via riscos.info (as version 3.4.5) in 2006.[12] Version 4.1.1 (Release 2) was released in 2009,[13] with bug reporting added in 2010.[14]

Hosted projectsEdit

The site has hosted the RISC OS port of Firefox since 2005,[15][16] with Thunderbird being added in 2007.[17][18] A recovered build of Linux for the PC card was published on the site in 2006.[19] Other hosted projects are 'ArcEm', 'dcraw', 'DOSBox', 'PDF', 'ScummVM', and 'whois'.[20]


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