Riddu Riđđu is an annual Sami music and culture festival held in Olmmáivággi (Manndalen) in the Gáivuotna (Kåfjord) municipality in Norway. The goal of the festival is to bring forward both Sami culture and that of other indigenous peoples. Translated to English, the name of the festival is "small storm at the coast". The festival has permanent support from the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs, the Sami parliament, Troms county and Kåfjord municipality.[1]

Riddu Riđđu
Riddu Riđđu (7).jpg
Riddu Riđđu festival in 2007.
GenreMusic Festival
Date(s)Mid July
Begins10 July 2019 (2019-07-10)
Ends14 July 2019 (2019-07-14)
Location(s)Kåfjord, Troms
Years active1991 – present
Most recent13–15 July 2018
Ánde Somby from Vajas joiking at the festival in 2007
Mari Boine performing at the festival in 2006

Riddu Riđđu includes concerts, seminars, performances, youth camp, stage art, literature, children's program, Northern People's program, youth camp, film program, courses (workshops), art exhibition, market (bazaar), indigenous houses and much more. The festival had its 20th anniversary in 2011.

In 2018, Sandra Márjá West became the festival manager. The 29th festival was held between 10 and 14 July 2019.


The festival was launched by a group of young Sami on New Year's Eve 1991 at Olmmáivággi (Norwegian: Manndalen). This was a decade after the Sami cultural revitalization started. Before that time, the Norwegian government attempted to assimilate the indigenous Sami into the Norwegian majority population. In Olmmáivággi almost all of the previously majority Sami population now considered themselves as Norwegian.

During the 1990s, the anti-Sami sentiment was especially strong in the area with Sami road-signs being shot to pieces and families being split. A group of youth started to ask questions such as: "Why did they [the Norwegian government] take away from us the Sami language? Why do we hide our sea-Sami identity and culture? Why are we ashamed [of being Sami]?" This started a Sami youth organization that among other things organized the Riddu Riđđu festival.[2][3]

The first festival was arranged in 1991 and has since been arranged annually. In 1998, the Riddu Riđđu Searvi organization was established and has since been responsible for arranging the festival.

2013 lineupEdit

2014 lineupEdit

  • A Tribe Called Red
  • Felgen Orkester
  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren
  • Biru Baby
  • Tamikrest
  • Hekla Stålstrenga
  • Sator
  • Jörgen Stenberg
  • Cyaneed

2015 lineupEdit

  • Mari Boine
  • Resirkulert
  • Yann Tiersen
  • Nanook
  • Senjahopen
  • Katchafire
  • Amoc
  • Urna
  • F.A.C.E.

2016 lineupEdit

  • Slincraze
  • Sofia Jannok
  • Ana Tijoux
  • Violet Road
  • Sondre Justad
  • Hanggai
  • Marja Helena Fjellheim Mortensson
  • Ylva
  • Suming
  • Herman Rundberg
  • Kitok
  • Traditional

2017 lineupEdit

  • Chalama Project
  • Uyarakq
  • Áilu Valle
  • Dagny
  • Duolva Duottar
  • Ondt Blod
  • Ágy
  • Isák
  • Johan Anders Bær
  • Radik Tyulush
  • Silver Jackson
  • Dj Ailo

2018 lineupEdit

  • Mari Boine
  • Baker Boy (with Yirrmal and Kian)
  • Resirkulert
  • Solju
  • Wimme Saari
  • Amanda Delara
  • Felgen Orkester
  • Biru Baby
  • Tyva Kyzy
  • DJ Shub

2019 lineupEdit


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