Revolution of 1772

The Revolution of 1772 (Swedish: Revolutionen), also known as the Coup of Gustav III (Swedish: Gustav III:s statskupp or older Gustav III:s statsvälvning) was a Swedish coup d'état performed by king Gustav III of Sweden on 19 August 1772 to introduce absolute monarchy against the Riksdag of the Estates, resulting in the end of the Age of liberty and the introduction of the Swedish Constitution of 1772.

Gustaf III at the Revolution of 1772.

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  1. ^ [1], The Swedish nobleman Carl August Adlersparre(1810-1862) wrote "revolution" in 1849. The King (Gustav IV Adolf was forced to abdicate, and was given all the blame of Sweden´s loss of Finland to Russia. If more old sources uses this word, then it has to have been considered as a revolution. The forced abdication has never been historically hidden, but what might have been commonly described as a revolution seems to have been erased. Interesting.