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Renesas Electronics Corporation (ルネサス エレクトロニクス株式会社, Runesasu Erekutoronikusu Kabushiki Gaisha) TYO: 6723 is a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo. It has manufacturing, design and sales operations in around 20 countries.[3] It was the world's largest auto semiconductor maker in 2014,[4] and the world's largest maker of microcontrollers. It also makes mixed-signal integrated circuits and system on a chip.

Renesas Electronics Corporation
Native name
ルネサス エレクトロニクス株式会社
Public (KK)
Traded asTYO: 6723
PredecessorNEC Electronics Corporation, Renesas Technology Corporation
FoundedNovember 1, 2002; 17 years ago (2002-11-01)
(Started operation on April 1, 2010)
Key people
Hidetoshi Shibata (Representative Director, President and CEO)
Tetsuya Tsurumaru (Representative Director and Chairman)[1]
ProductsMicrocontrollers, power MOSFETs, mixed-signal ICs, IGBTs, diodes, transistors, display driver ICs, compound semiconductors, ASICs, ASSPs
Number of employees
19,546 (Consolidated, as of December 31, 2018)[2]


"Renesas" is an invented name and a contraction of RENaissance SEmiconductor for Advanced Solutions.[5]


Renesas Electronics started operation in April 2010, through the integration of NEC Electronics Corporation and Renesas Technology Corporation. NEC Electronics was established in November 2002 by a spin-off of the semiconductor operations of NEC.[6][7] Renesas Technology was established on April 1, 2003, as a joint venture of Hitachi, Ltd. (55%) and Mitsubishi Electric (45%).[8]

In April 2009, Renesas Technology and NEC Electronics reached a basic agreement to merge by around April 2010. On April 1, 2010 NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology merged, forming Renesas Electronics which became the fourth largest semiconductor company according to iSuppli published data.[9]

In December 2010 Renesas Mobile Corporation (RMC) was created by integrating the Mobile Multimedia Business Unit of Renesas with the acquired Nokia Wireless Modem Business Unit.[10]

In 2011, Renesas Electronics was adversely affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami[11] and flooding in Thailand. In 2012, the company decided to restructure its business, including the sale and consolidation of its Japanese domestic plants, to become profitable.[12][13] In December 2012, INCJ, Japan’s government-backed fund, and several key clients decided to invest in the company.[citation needed] Through the investment, Renesas aimed to secure 150 billion yen as fresh capital by September 2013 and use it for realizing the Smart Society[clarification needed] through investment in the microcontroller and Analog & Power semiconductor development, plant improvements, automotive and industrial semiconductor solutions and corporate acquisitions.[citation needed]

In September 2013, Broadcom Corporation acquired most of Renesas Mobile Communication.[14]

With the allotment of third-party shares to Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and 8 other companies in September 2013, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) became the largest shareholder.[15]

In the fiscal year ending March 2014, Renesas records its first net profit ever since it operated as Renesas Electronics Corporation in 2010.[16]

To achieve a profit-generating corporate structure, Renesas announced its new business direction and issued its corporate presentation titled "Reforming Renesas” in October 2013.[17]

In July 2014, the subsidiary Renesas Mobile Communication was consolidated, after the company had decided to withdraw from the 4G wireless business.[18]

In September 2016, Renesas announced that it would acquire Intersil Corporation for $3.2 billion.[19] In February 2017, Renesas completed the acquisition.[20]

In April 2017, Renesas unveiled in a self-driving demo car at a global developer conference that it will start delivering a new line of products for self-driving cars in December 2017 as it takes on global giants such as Intel Corp. The new technology acts as an onboard nerve center, coordinating and controlling vehicle functions.[21]

In September 2018, Renesas announced it had agreed to buy IDT for $6.7 billion.[22] In March 2019, Renesas completed the acquisition.[23]


Renesas Electronics' products include:

The RX MCU family

RX is the family name for a range of 32-bit microcontrollers manufactured by Renesas Electronics. RX is an acronym for Renesas Xtreme.[1]

The RX family was launched in 2009 by Renesas Technology with the first product range designated the RX600 series and targeting applications such as metering, motor control, human–machine interfaces (HMI), networking, and industrial automation. Since 2009 this MCU family range has been enlarged with a smaller variant the RX200 series and also through enhanced performance versions.

Key to the high performance of the microcontroller is the CISC architecture with high performance integrated flash memory enabling the central processing unit (CPU) to operate at very high frequency, 100 MHz, without requiring wait-states for the memory accesses resulting in performance up to 1.65 DMIPS/MHz.

Corporate affairsEdit

The largest stockholders and their ownership ratio of Renesas are as follows as of December 31, 2018.[26][27][28]

Innovation Network Corporation of Japan 33.37%
GIC Private Limited -C 5.79%
Denso 4.99%
Mitsubishi Electric 4.53%
Japan Trustee Services Bank

(Re-trust of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited /

NEC Corporation pension and severance payments Trust Account)


At the end of September 2013, Renesas issued new shares through third-party allotment resulting in Innovation Network Corporation of Japan becoming the new largest shareholder and non-parental controlling shareholder.[29]

In early May 2012, NEC transferred part of its stake in Renesas to its employee pension trust. As a result, the NEC pension fund held 32.4 percent of Renesas while NEC had 3.0 percent.[30]

Manufacturing LocationsEdit

Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • Front End Production Japan: Naka, Takasaki, Shiga, Saijo, Yamaguchi, Kawashiri
  • Back End Production Japan: Yonezawa, Oita, Nishiki


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