Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary

The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (known in the United States as the RSHM and in other parts of the world as RSCM) are a global Roman Catholic community of about 900 apostolic religious women. Today the diversity of ministries include educational, pastoral and social services. RSHM work in colleges and universities, secondary and elementary schools. RSHM serve in parishes and prisons, in hospitals and nursing homes, in studios and social centers, in retreat houses and retirement homes. Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary are administrators, teachers, social workers, artists, lawyers, health care personnel, musicians, librarians, spiritual directors, and others.

The RSHM symbol is the Cross worn by the sisters. The words on the cross, Ut Vitam Habeant mean: "That They May Have Life" (Jn. 10:10)

The community is not to be confused with the Religious of the Sacred Heart, another name for the Society of the Sacred Heart, who use the abbreviation RSCJ.


The Institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) was founded on February 24, 1849 in Béziers, France by Father Jean Gailhac and Appollonie Pelissier-Cure, (Mother St. Jean). A group of women gathered together to form a community which took over the direction of a shelter for women and an orphanage. The Institute grew rapidly and by the time the original group made their first profession in May 1851 their number had grown to ten. During her time as superior, a boarding school for girls was begun. In a short time, the sisters expanded their ministry beyond France, and presently, the community serves in 14 countries.[1]

The rule of life of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the RSHM Constitutions, was approved on the diocesan level in 1850, the canonical level in 1880 and revised in 1983.


The major authority of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary is the General Superior, who, with the General Council have residence in Rome, Italy. Smaller units of the institute, known as Provinces, have their own government in relationship to the general government. The general chapter sets goals and establishes priorities for the Institute, and elects the Institute leadership team.[2] The smallest unit of government is the local community, who, with a local coordinator, work in relationship with the provincial.


Provincial government is divided into Provinces and Regions. The RSHM provinces are as follows:



North AmericaEdit

  • Marymount Academy, Montreal, Canada (not related to RSHM, founded as Marymount High School in 1961 by Congregation of Notre-Dame)(became a public school in 1970 and changed to present name in 1984)
  • Marymount Academy (Sudbury), Sudbury, Canada (not related to RSHM, founded by Sisters of St. Joseph as Marymount College in 1956 as a catholic public high school)

South AmericaEdit

Colleges and Tertiary InstitutionsEdit

United States

RSHM and justiceEdit

As a religious institute and a Non-governmental organization (NGO), RSHM place its resources at the service of those who are most in need of justice, enabling the powerless, the deprived, the marginalized, the voiceless to work effectively for their own development and liberation.



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