Rehau Group

The REHAU Group is a family-owned polymer business, which works in the fields of construction, industry and as an automotive supplier. Rehau employs about 20,000 people in more than 170 locations. The corporate headquarters for the car industry business is in Rehau and for Commercial Construction is in Erlangen. The administrative headquarters of the REHAU Group is located in Muri bei Bern, Switzerland.

Rehau Group
Native name
Rehau Verwaltungszentrale AG[1]
FounderHelmut Wagner
HeadquartersRehau, Germany
Key people
Jobst Wagner (President)
Veit Wagner (Vice President)
William Christensen (CEO)
Harald Vogelsang(CFO)
Dr. Uwe Böhlke (COO)
Revenue€3.3 Billion
Number of employees
Worldwide: about 20.000
REHAU manufacturing site in Brake, Unterweser, Lower Saxony, Germany.[2]

The turnover of the whole group amounts to approximately €3.3 billion.[3]


Helmut Wagner founded the family business in 1948 in Rehau. In 1962, the first plant outside of Europe was opened in Montreal. In 2000 Helmut Wagner, was the line of the Supervisory Board from his sons Jobst Wagner and Veit Wagner. Furthermore, the REHAU AG with more than 2,000 jobs to the town's largest employer Rehau.


The REHAU group has more than 170 locations in over 50 countries.

  • Germany: 10 sales offices, 11 plants, two administrations, 3 Logistics Center
  • Europe: 59 sales offices, 25 plants, 11 administrative, 6 Logistics Center
  • Worldwide: 105 sales offices, 41 plants, 23 administrations, 9 Logistics Center


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