Regional Electoral Courts

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Regional Electoral Court (Portuguese: Tribunal Regional Eleitoral) is a level of the electoral court system in Brazil. The regional courts are in charge of elections at the state level.


The functioning of the regional electoral courts is governed by the law 4.737 of 1965. Each court consists of judges that are publicly elected or nominated by part of the judiciary, according to rules set independently by each regional court.

According to the Brazilian legislation, the regional courts are responsible for the control and inspection of the whole electoral process in their jurisdiction, from the registration of each regional branch of the political parties to the production of reports and electoral maps during the counting of the votes.

The regional courts are responsible for the registration of voters, for the constitution of electoral districts and for reporting the results. The regional courts must also settle disputes regarding the elections and judge appeals to the decisions of the electoral judges.

Each regional court has the freedom to make their own rules with regard to how these things are handled.

List of regional electoral courtsEdit