Raghogarh (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha constituency is one of the 230 Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) constituencies of Madhya Pradesh state in central India.[1] This constituency came into existence in 1951, as one of the 79 Vidhan Sabha constituencies of the erstwhile Madhya Bharat state.[2]


Raghogarh (constituency number 31) is one of the four Vidhan Sabha constituencies located in Guna district. This constituency covers parts of Raghogarh and Aron tehsils.[3]

Raghogarh is part of Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency along with seven other Vidhan Sabha segments, namely, Chachoura in this district, Narsinghgarh, Biaora, Rajgarh, Khilchipur and Sarangpur in Rajgarh district and Susner in Shajapur district.[3]

It has frequently been held by members of one family. In June 2013, Mool Singh, a cousin of Digvijay Singh, announced that he would be stepping down from the seat at the next elections, paving the way for Digvijay's son, Jaivardhan, to be elected in a form of dynastic succession that is common in North India but rare in the South. Mool Singh had suffered a stroke three years previously and gave poor health as the reason for his decision.[4] The constituency has previously been held by Digvijay, his brother Lakshman Singh and by their father, Balbhadra Singh.[5][6] It was noted in 2003 that the seat has been held by members of the family or their anointed candidates since 1977 and that the main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, had lost its deposit on all but one occasion in the subsequent five elections up to that date. The candidates who had stood against the family candidate in the first elections from the constituency in 1952 had also lost their deposits.[7]

Members of Legislative AssemblyEdit

As a constituency of Madhya BharatEdit

As a constituency of Madhya PradeshEdit


 INC    SWA    BJS  

Election Member [8] Party
1962 Dulichand Indian National Congress
1967 P. Lalaram Swatantra Party
1972 Harlal Shakyawar Bharatiya Jana Sangh
1977 Digvijay Singh Indian National Congress
1980 Digvijay Singh Indian National Congress
1985 Mool Singh (Dada Bhai) Indian National Congress
1990 Lakshman Singh Indian National Congress
1993 Lakshman Singh Indian National Congress
1998 Digvijay Singh Indian National Congress
2003 Digvijay Singh Indian National Congress
2008 Mool Singh (Dada Bhai) Indian National Congress
2013 Jaivardhan Singh Indian National Congress
2018 Jaivardhan Singh Indian National Congress

Election ResultsEdit

2013 results [9]Edit

M. P. Legislative Assembly Election, 2013: Raghogarh
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
INC Jaivardhan Singh 98041 66.02
BJP Radhe Shyam Dhakad 39837 26.83
BSP Rajesh Singh Dhakad 3632 2.45
Independent Brahmanand Lodha 1000 0.67
Independent Radheshyam Dhakad 841 0.57 N/A
Independent Ashok Kumar Paliya 423 0.33 N/A
SP Jagdish Sharma 777 0.52 N/A
Independent Radheshyam Dhakad 590 0.40
Independent Rajesh Ahirwar 375 0.25
Independent Bablesh Prajapati 285 0.19
Independent Pappu Khatik 285 0.19
LJP Jitendra Valmeek 217 0.15 N/A
NOTA None of the Above 2587 1.74
Turnout 148503 76.54
INC hold Swing

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