Public Broadcasting Services Limited (PBS) is the public broadcaster of Malta. PBS is founded by government grants and the sale of commercial airtime. Its TVM channel is Malta's most watched television channel, and its radio station Magic Malta enjoys huge popularity among local and tourist listeners.

Public Broadcasting Services Limited
URM, EMAR, Redifussion, Xandir Malta
IndustryPublic broadcasting
PredecessorRediffusion Malta
Founded11 November 1935; 83 years ago (11 November 1935)
Headquarters75, St. Luke's Road, ,
Area served
ServicesTVM, TVM2, Radju Malta, Radju Malta 2, Magic Malta



Beginnings in radioEdit

PBS began as Union Radio Malta (URM) and was established on 11 November 1935. This second radio station started using the call sign EMAR in 1940. After doing a national broadcast, the radio was renamed Programm Nazzjonal in 1949.

1950s-1960s - Move into televisionEdit

Television Broadcasts in Malta began on 1 October 1959 with the first television station PBS-TV, It was sold to PBS in 1962.

1970s-1974 - Expansion and Black and White TV eraEdit

PBS station status changed from government to public broadcasting station on 18 September 1974. Telemalta started in 1975.

1975-1980s - Colour TV eraEdit

The first colour TV broadcasting was made on 1 January 1975, with the end of New Year's 1974-1975. But, the colour regular broadcast was delayed several times for 2 years. During that time, PBS started to purchase some colour equipment and make occasional recording, so in 1977/1978 started the regular colour broadcast. Full-time colour transmissions started in 1981. In 1988, Xandir Malta 1 & Xandir Malta 2 renaimed TVM & TVM Educational 2 TV

1990s - Spinoff of Smash TVEdit

In 1988, PBS launched TVM3 and Smash FM, and on 29 March 1994, the channels split from TVM to form the Smash Television.

2000s-present - Digital eraEdit

Digital era was launched in 2007. In October 2011, TVM Released a new logo, But, in March 2012, with the rebranding of TVM2, PBS Released a new logo. And on 12 September 2016, PBS production changes the new ident.


Terrestrial televisionEdit

  • TVM - TVM's flagship channel, it broadcasts news and current affairs, education, sports, programmes, and more. It launched in 1962 as Malta Television (MTV) and is funded by the license fee, It is available on Channel 101, broadcasting via digital terrestrial television. TVM1 also airs public information films and entertainment programming.
  • TVM2 - TVM's entertainment and drama channel, it was launched in 1976 as a replacement for the Telemalta broadcating corporation, which was merged with PBS. It is available on digital channel 104 via digital terrestrial television. TVM2 also airs public information films and news and current affairs programming.
  • TVM HD - The High Definition channel. Airs music videos and re-runs of dramas. It is on national terrestrial digital channel 110.
  • Parliament TV (Malta) - TVM's Parliament channel. Launched in 2015

Cable and satellite televisionEdit

  • TVM Prime - A drama channel, launched in 1994 as TVM Satellite 2. It was renamed as TVM Malta in 2002, before becoming Prime.
  • TVM Drama - formely TVM sky Drama, Launched in 1997
  • TVM N Sports - formerly TVM Sports/TVM Sky Sports, launched in 1999
  • TVM Game - a quiz show channel that was launched in 2009
  • TVM Kids - the children's channel, launched in 2004
  • TVM W - a channel aimed at a female audience, launched in 2012
  • TVM Music - formerly TVM Sky Music, launched in 1998
  • TVM Art - an art channel, launched in 2005

These eight channels are carried by cable and satellite operators in Malta. There are 100+ cable operators in Malta. These channels are managed and operated by TVM N, a subsidiary company of PBS.

TVM WorldEdit

TVM World is the international television and radio service of PBS. It officially launched on 1 October 1992. It is broadcast on a 24-hour schedule with programs including news, sports, television dramas, entertainment, and children's. TVM World television is broadcast locally and around the world, it is available in 36 countries.


  • Radju Malta (93.7 FM) - news, current affairs, drama, documentary and entertainment. Launched in 1935 as Unjoni Radju Malta URM and became Radju Malta 1 in 1988.
  • Radju Malta 2 (105.9 FM) - Popular music. Launched in 1940 as EMAR.
  • Radju Malta 3 (95.7 FM) - Launched in 1950. It was later replaced by Radju Malta 2' radio service and Educational FM (now Smash FM).
  • Magic Malta (91.7 FM) - classical music and folk music. Launched in 1979 as Magic Stereo, adopted current name in 2003.
  • Magic Malta 2 (92.7 FM) - popular music. Launched in 1965 as Radio Malta Broadcasting (RMB), renamed as TMBC-FM in 1975, renamed as Radju Malta 4 in 1976 after TMBC-Fm forced merger to PBS, the adopted current name in 2003
  • Radju Malta 5 (98.7 FM) - launched in 1980 as Xandir Radio 5.


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