Nakijin Chōfu

Nakijin Wōji Chōfu (今帰仁 王子 朝敷, 15 July 1847 – 11 April 1915), also known by the Chinese-style name Shō Hitsu (尚 弼), was a prince of Ryukyu Kingdom. Sometimes he was called Prince Nakijin (今帰仁王子) for short.

Prince Nakijin was the thirdth son of King Shō Iku, and he was also a younger brother of King Shō Tai.

In 1879, the Meiji Japanese government decided to abolish the Ryukyu Domain, and sent Matsuda Michiyuki to Shuri. At this time, Shō Tai claimed illness and let him to handle government affairs. Prince Nakijin tried to prevent Ryukyu from annexation by Japan but failed. After Ryukyu was annexed by Japan in 1879, Prince Nakijin was incorporated into the newly established kazoku peerage; and in 1890, he was granted the title of baron (男爵, danshaku).

Nakijin Chōfu
title created head of Nakijin Udun
1869 - 1915
Wakugawa Chōwa