Picador Travel Classics

Picador Travel Classics is a series of 17 hard-cover books published by Picador during the 1990s. All of the titles are re-prints of what the publishers thought of as "classic" travel literature. Travel literature scholars Holland and Huggan say it is part of a trend in the late 20th century to canonize the travel literature genre, "This is a series that partly announces the classic status - the canonicity - of its volumes through their hardback covers, their introductions and their numbering - it is intended to form a library."[1]


Number Author Title Introduction Notes
I Apsley Cherry-Garrard The Worst Journey in the World Paul Theroux 1994. Includes the "Postscript to the Worst Journey in the World" (1948) by Cherry Garrard
II Robert Byron The Road to Oxiana Bruce Chatwin 1994
XI Jonathan Raban Coasting 1995
XIII Euclides da Cunha Rebellion in the Backlands Samuel Putnam 1995
XV Isabella Lucy Bird The Hawaiian Archipelago 1997
XVI Sybille Bedford A Visit to Don Otavio Bruce Chatwin 1997
XII Gavin Young Slow Boats to China 1995
IV Redmond O'Hanlon Into the Heart of Borneo 1994
X Edith Wharton A Motor-Flight Through France Julian Barnes 1995
III Norman Lewis I Came, I Saw 1994
V Norman Douglas Old Calabria 1994 This book had no volume number on the dust cover
VII V. S. Naipaul An Area of Darkness 1995
XIV V. S. Naipaul The Middle Passage 1995
VIII Colin Thubron Among the Russians 1995
IX Alexander Kinglake Eothen 1995
VI Paul Theroux The Great Railway Bazaar 1994 This book had no volume number on the dust cover
XVII Eric Newby A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush Evelyn Waugh 1997


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