Phlias (Ancient Greek: Φλίας) or Phlius /ˈfləs/ or Phliasus /ˈfləsəs/ was the son of Dionysus and Chthonophyle in Greek mythology. A native of Araithyrea in Argolis, he is mentioned as one of the Argonauts.[1][2] Pausanias cites a version in which Philas is given as son of Ceisus, but himself maintains that Phlias was the son of Dionysus by Araethyrea (daughter of Aras), whereas Chthonophyle was his wife and mother of his son Androdamas.[3] Hyginus calls him Phliasus, and a son of Dionysus and Ariadne.[4] In the Argonautica Orphica, it is simply stated that his mother was a nymph, without mention of her name.[5] The town of Phlius (formerly called Araithyrea) was believed to have derived its name from him.[6]


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