Parti de l'alliance municipale (Saint-Leonard)

The Parti de l'alliance municipale (PAM), also known as the Alliance municipale de Saint-Léonard, was a municipal political party in the suburban community of Saint-Leonard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the 1970s and 1980s. The dominant party on council from 1978 to 1981, it went through a period of decline before dissolving in 1986.

PAM won seven out of twelve seats on Saint-Leonard city council in the 1978 municipal election, although PAM mayoral candidate André Chrétien was narrowly defeated by Michel Bissonnet of the Équipe du renouveau de la cité de Saint-Léonard.[1] Bissonnet led a minority administration for three years before resigning to run for a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Quebec; he was succeeded by Antonio di Ciocco, an Équipe du renouveau member whose victory led to a realignment of municipal political alliances.

The 1982 municipal election was a disappointment for PAM. Its mayoral candidate, Rosaire Rivest, finished third against di Ciocco, and Chrétien was the party's only candidate to be returned to council.[2] PAM did not field a candidate in a by-election that followed di Ciocco's unexpected death in 1984; Rivest and Chrétien explained that they did not want to oversee a minority administration and would instead seek to perform effectively in opposition for the next two years.[3] In March 1986, Chrétien indicated that PAM and other opposition parties were holding discussions about a possible alliance.[4]

PAM dissolved in 1986, and many of its leading members, including Chrétien, joined the Équipe démocratique de Saint-Léonard.[5]


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