Park Ridge-Niles School District 64

The Park Ridge-Niles School District 64 is a grade school district based in Park Ridge, Illinois. It has schools in Park Ridge and Niles,[1] all in Cook County, Illinois.

The district headquarters is named the Raymond E. Hendee Educational Service Center (ESC) and is at 164 S. Prospect Ave. in Park Ridge.[1]


Middle schools
  • Emerson Middle School (in Niles)[1] — Named after Ralph Waldo Emerson,[2] this is a three-story school building. At one time the district rented the facility to the Chicago Futabakai Japanese School, which used it as its campus.[3] The middle school replaced an older building, Emerson Junior High School.[4]
  • Lincoln Middle School (in Park Ridge)[1]
Elementary schools
Early childhood
  • Jefferson School (in Niles)[1]


The Goodspeed History of Cook County implies that the early history of schools of Park Ridge is unclear, but stated: "By 1860, several schools had been started in that vicinity. Among the first teachers were R.W. Gunnison, Miss Augusta Meacham, and George A. Follansbee."[7]

By 1902, School District 2, Township 41 North, Range 12 East, "Park Ridge", had an "old building" constructed for $6,000 in 1868 on 0.6 acres (0.24 ha) and a "new building" constructed for $20,000 in 1893 on 6.0 acres (2.4 ha)[8]:53 near the southwest corner of township section 26.[8]:101

With school district renumbering from township-wide to county-wide in 1901, Park Ridge's School District 2 became School District 64.[8]:104 In 1902 the district had a population of 2,112 people[8]:21 In the 1901–1902 school year, one principal oversaw 11 other teachers,[8]:104 but for the Autumn 1902 semester, a superintendent oversaw 8 teachers.[8]:136 At the time there were 5 operating schools in all of Maine Township.[8]:21

The Maine Township High School District was organized in September 1902 and held school at Park Ridge until the high school building was completed.[8]:46

Construction on Field, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt schools began in 1929.[9]

By 1958 schools in District 64 included Edison, Emerson Junior High, Field, Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln Junior High, Madison, Merrill, and Washington.[10]

Notable alumniEdit

  • Hillary Clinton — She attended Field School[11] from 1952 to 1959 (kindergarten to grade 6) and Emerson Junior High School from 1959 to 1961 (grades 7 and 8).[2][4] In 1997, when Clinton was the First Lady, she visited this school at a reunion with her friends and teachers.[12]


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