Pablo Jofré

Pablo Jofré[1] (born 1974) is a Chilean poet currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.[2] Jofré was awarded the Lagar Prize by the Chilean National Contest of Literature Gabriela Mistral (La Serena) for the poetry collection Abecedario in 2009. He also won first prize at the Sant Andreu de la Barca Competition (in Spain) for his poem "La Danza de la Existencia (Extranjería)" in 2010.

Pablo Jofré (2017).


After the school in Santiago de Chile in 1992, Jofré travelled to Europe for the first time. He spent a year visiting Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal and studied German and English. Back in Chile, he studied journalism at the Diego Portales University and cultural anthropology at the University of Chile. Before obtaining his degree, he went to Barcelona in 2002 to study literary theory and comparative literature at the University of Barcelona. He also studied Catalan and French and attended literary workshops led by Leonardo Valencia and Joan-Ignasi Elias. In 2011, he was awarded Spanish nationality and emigrated to Berlin, where he currently lives.[citation needed]


Jofré published his first poem as a teenager. This was followed by Abecedario (2009, 2012, 2017)[3] available in English as Abecedary,[4] translated by David Shook with a prologue by Will Alexander.[5] It includes the audioleporello (audiobook) Usted[6] with works of electroacoustic music by composer Mario Peña y Lillo.[7] This was launched in 2013 in Barcelona's Balaguer Gallery as part of the collective exhibition I don't believe in You but I believe in Love curated by Paola Marugán.[8] His poem "La Edad Ligera" (in Extranjería) was included in the public performance Bombing of Poems (Casagrande-Southbank Center) above the Jubilee Gardens in London in 2012.[9] His work appears in the anthology El tejedor en… Berlin (Sestao 2015)[10] published by Ernesto Estrella and Jorge Locane, and Extranjería (Santiago de Chile 2017)[11] with a prologue by Diego Ramírez Gajardo (Carnicería Punk)[12]) and a cover by Carola del Río[13] This was launched in Chile with a reading tour[14] in public libraries in Arica, Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Temuco, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. In December 2019 he published his latest book Berlin Manila (L.U.P.I/Zoográfico)[15], a collection of poems that replicates a trip from Berlin to Manila.

Abecedario has been translated into Greek by Constance Tagopoulos and Marta Dios with a cover by Artemis Alcalay,[16](Athens 2015).[17] It was translated into German by Barbara Buxbaum and Johanna Menzinger with an epilogue written by José F.A. Oliver and a cover by Ginés Olivares[18] (Cologne 2017). It was translated into Italian by Maurizio Fantoni Minnella in 2017[19], into English by David Shook [1] with an prologue written by Will Alexander and into French by Pierre Fankhauser (BSN Press 2019)[20].

Jofré participated in the literature Festival LEA in Athens[21] in 2015, the George Town Literary Festival in Malaysia directed by Bernice Chauly (2015 and 2016),[22] in the Festival internazionale di poesia di Genova 2017[19] directed by Claudio Pozzani. He also appeared at the 2017 Literature biennale Lifes in Jakarta,[23] directed by Ayu Utami. In 2020 he has participated in Festival Enclave[24] in Mexico City, directed by Rocío Cerón.

In collaboration with Berlin musician Andi Meissner (e-guitar) he has created the duo Jofre Meissner Project whose repertoire includes poems from Extranjería and Abecedario. The duo premiered with a performance of "La edad ligera" (The Light Age) at the New York Crossroads festival in 2014.[25]

Jofré has also translated the poetry of Nora-Eugenie Gomringer, Adrian Kasnitz, David Shook and Elfriede Jelinek.



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